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Under Seth’s steadfast and thoughtful stewardship and craftsmanship, my 1900’s Victorian home has been transformed from a dreary apartment building into the home and small business of my dreams. For the last six years, Seth has handled projects, large and small, that have not only revitalized and restored my property but has brought new energy to the neighborhood. Seth is the kind of craftsperson that every property owner wants and needs — he’s reliable, honest, highly skilled, experienced, and very easy to work with. I can’t speak highly enough of Seth’s commitment to his clients, the high quality of his work, and his genuine desire to turn your vision into reality. 


Sandy Lathem, Elmwood Guest House


Seth Gifford has completed five excellent projects for us. Each has left us satisfied, firmly convinced that our money had been well-spent. Working with Seth is a pleasure. We recommend him highly and wish him well with his new venture, Gifford Construction.


The first project, in the summer of 2009, was insulation and weather sealing - tedious sweaty work that no one ever really stands back to admire. But our subsequent low heating costs reflect his good work, as does the comment our envious son-in-law made just last winter on how snug and tight our house feels. The second project was our kitchen. We were delighted when Seth and his sidekick Lucius Dibble welcomed our participation in the project, specifically the demolition and final painting. Their flexibility allowed us to hold costs down. Our kitchen is beautiful, precisely what we wanted. In all his efforts it is clear that our best interests constitute Seth's professional "bottom line."


The third project was foundation work-not glorious, but significant nonetheless. Seth prepared, poured and quickly remedied a weak support under our washer/dryer. The fourth project gave us a laundry/utility room with a large pantry. We designed it together and, once again, we have just what we envisioned. Storage, convenience, and easy access - all at a reasonable price. This spring (2015) Seth built us a lovely bathroom, practically out of thin air! Again, we designed and planned it together, partitioning off space in a (previously) large bedroom. Seth guided us in the selection of tile and fixtures, accommodated our whim and built a heated floor, and saw to the last details of paint and trim. He coordinated seamlessly with our plumber and the specialized shower door installer. The whole project went smoothly, quickly, and at a very reasonable cost. We love our new bathroom!


Today our home is very different from what it was in 2009. Seth has improved countless aspects of the house. Our partnership with him has provided us and our children and grandchildren with much comfort and many conveniences. We are tremendously grateful to him for his good work and will likely line up for future projects. Again, we recommend him very highly.


Susan & Henry Wilmer

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